Destination Guide

Located in Kaafu Atoll in the heart of the Maldives, Dhiffushi is 23 miles northeast of the capital city Male’. The most convenient mode of transport is a speedboat, which takes a mere 45 minutes from the capital city. As the most eastern inhabited island in the Maldives, Dhiffushi is the first to witness the sunrise in the country.

Home to a population of only 1900 residents, Dhiffushi epitomizes simple island living. With only a handful of small stores and beachfront cafés, Dhiffushi is the perfect place to unplug from the modern world and reconnect with what truly matters. Become one with nature and seek out deserted beaches of soft, pearly white sand, or explore the lush vegetation growing as far as the eye can see. No frills, no fuss here – only pure bliss.